Change lives.
Eat shrimp.

Invariant has become one of DC’s Top Ten GR Firms because of our team. Who’s on it? For starters, we like people who like getting results. We don’t care who you vote for or what you do in your free time. As a matter of fact, some very presentable professionals have left fairly quickly, while some genuine eccentrics have prospered and been promoted.

Our metrics are: Can you work hard? Can you get people to do what you know they should be doing? Are you nice? Can you remember to take your old food out of the refrigerator before you leave for the weekend? If so, you may be Invariant.

Don’t quote us on that.

Some perfectly unattributable quotes from senior and junior team members here at Invariant.

“Rather than taking a cookie cutter approach to government relations, Invariant finds a better way to help our clients win in Washington. We bring together the best teams - from senior lobbyists to interns - to help our clients identify the issues, navigate the politics, develop the strategy, and provide boots on the ground to get the work done.”

“It is encouraging to know that your colleagues are constantly helping build one another up, rather than ‘climbing over’ one another to get to the top.”

“We don’t do silos, egos or credit-grabbing. Instead we have a unique, team-based culture that routinely gets results for our clients.”

“Since the beginning, I've been encouraged to grow, set goals, and develop the skills necessary to achieve success. Whether it’s speaking on a panel, giving an interview, or sitting on a charitable board – it is all supported by Invariant. Invariant always supports my professional goals.”

"Invariant is an exciting place that provides a daily opportunity to expand my own professional growth while working with the team to move the needle for our clients. The work is fast-paced and the stakes are always high. No two days are alike, but the one constant is the collaboration, high energy, and 'Yes' attitude of my colleagues."

Come see Washington from the inside out.

Our team works with the leaders in every branch of government and some of the most well-known names in business.

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